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brow lift

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The brow lift is surgery to correct ptosis of the eyebrows and achieve a more attractive look.

To raise the eyebrows, I make some hidden incisions in the hair, in the temporal region, through which I release the eyebrows and raise them.
The effect of the lifting is observed mainly towards the angle and tail of the eyebrows. eyebrows, so you don't have to worry about looking permanently surprised, like when the middle part was raised as well.

Intervention duration: 1 h
Anesthesia: Sedation + Local
Recovery: 7 days
Care : Rest, cleaning of wounds, application of ointment, medication, avoiding the sun, cold compresses, compression band.
Visible effects: Immediate, without inflammation in 10 to 15 days
Duration of the result: Long duration (5 to 20 years as age and severity continue)
Minimum stay in Cancun: 8 days (1 before, day of the surgery and 6 after)

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