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Recovery at Hotel One - Single or Double Room (Patient alone or Patient + 1 Companion)

regular price $ 1,599.00

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This service is exclusively for patients who will come for their surgery with me; the price is for each day of stay and care.

Our recovery program includes:

1. Lodging in a standard room at Hotel One (located one block from the hospital) with continental buffet breakfast

2. Check-ups and assistance in post-operative care by our team of nurses every day

3. Medications and routine supplies for recovery from your surgery

4. Transportation Airport-Hotel and Hotel-Airport

5. One of our nurses takes you to your room after your surgery and picks you up for your check-ups, if you require it

Does not include:

- Air or land transportation to or from Cancun

- Tours or ground transportation in Cancun

- Different foods or extras to those included in the meal plan you select

- Special medications other than those contemplated in a routine recovery

- Extra people in the room and their food

* The prices of this service may change from one moment to another, as they depend on the rates established by the hotel.
** This payment IS NON-REFUNDABLE, give up your recovery at the Fourpoints Hotel it is a voluntary abandonment, like missing a concert or not boarding a plane.

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