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(Chin implant)

- Mentoplasty It is the procedure to increase the size of the chin and thereby improve the profile and define the jawline and neck.

I perform this surgery by placing a silicone implant through a small incision hidden under the chin; I select the shape and size of the implant according to the anatomy and objectives of each patient. This hard silicone implant never requires replacement; unless the patient decides to change it for another of a larger or smaller size. 

- Chin implant can be placed under local anesthesia, either as a single procedure or in combination with other minor surgeries (Ex. Bichectomy, Chin liposuction) or under sedation or general anesthesia if it is the patient's wish or if it is combined with major surgeries (Ex. Rhinoplasty, Facelift).

  • Duration of the intervention: 60 min
  • Anesthesia: Local, sedation, or general
  • Recovery: 7 days
  • Post-op instructions: Rest, medications, keep bandage dry, sunscreen
  • Visible effects: Immediate, without swelling in 10 to 15 days
  • Duration of the result: Permanent
  • Minimum stay in Cancun: 9 days (1 before, the day of surgery and 7 after)


31-year-old patient 7 months after a Mentoplasty With a medium size anatomical implant + Chin liposuction 


25-year-old patient 6 months after a Mentoplasty With an extra large anatomical implant + Chin liposuction + Rhinoplasty + Buccal fat removal 


27-year-old patient 1 year after a Mentoplasty With a large anatomical implant + Rhinoplasty + Tear trough filler

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